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Disability Cases - ERISA and non-ERISA - Personal Injury
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Main Practice Areas

Winkles Law Group represents injured persons and their families in disability (ERISA and non-ERISA), personal injury, and wrongful death cases.

Disability (ERISA and Non-ERISA)

In a disability case the person must prove that the illness or injury to the physical or mental ability of the person impairs or prevents the person from performing his or her normal work.

Claims for non-payment of insurance benefits are exploding as insurance companies try to cut every penny they spend so that they can maximize their profits by keeping as much of the premiums paid to them.  The hundreds of dollars they save by denying a disability claim becomes millions of dollars when they deny benefits to hundreds of claimants year after year.

Our firm represents disabled individuals who have been unjustly denied disability benefits. The evidence we have uncovered suggests that the insurance companies have implemented a nationwide policy to deny policyholders disability benefits in an effort to save money and increase corporate profits. Former in-house doctors that once worked for some of these major insurance companies have testified that corporate policy was to deny disability benefits regardless of the condition of the insured, and that the doctors were instructed how to do this without exposing their companies to liability if sued in a court of law. Claims personnel have testified that certain companies set termination goals.  The verdicts and settlements we have obtained have been among the highest in Florida and the nation.

Personal Injury 

In any personal injury or wrongful death case the injured person or their personal representative must prove that the carelessness or negligence of another party directly caused the injury or death.  Negligence occurs when a person fails to exercise the proper diligence, caution, prudence, or concern for the well-being of others in their actions which any reasonable person would in the same circumstances.   Negligence is a subjective term and many reasonable people will disagree on what is considered negligent.  This most often requires both parties in a personal injury law suit to employ experts to provide opinions in these matters.  

Included in personal injury cases are injury claims resulting from defective products.  In a product liability case, the manufacturers and/or distributors have failed in their responsibility to the consumer to be sure that their product is free of defects and will not cause injury to the consumer when used in a reasonably foreseeable manner.

Our firm is committed to vindicating the rights of injured people and their families. We will vigorously prosecute your claim from pre-suit demand through mediation and, if necessary, to trial.

Appellate Law 

In many cases it is not enough to win at trial; the defendant may try to persuade an appellate court that your verdict was the result of errors committed by the trial judge. Our firm offers full service from initial interview through the end of the appellate process. We are experienced in appeals, not only within our main practice areas listed above, but in every area of the law. We have an outstandingly high record of successful appellate results. We are prepared to accept appeals in cases where the client was represented by other counsel at trial. We are also available for consultation in appeals handled by other lawyers.

Federal Criminal Cases & Grand Jury Investigations

Please contact our firm directly to discuss Federal criminal cases and Grand Jury investigations.  Our attorneys have significant expertise in this area of law with experience as Federal prosecutors and law clerks in both Federal District Court and in Circuit Court.  As criminal defense attorneys they have handled the highest public profile cases in this area with successful results.